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The evolution and influence of pornography on culture and economics.
Sex is part of human nature, and so is curiosity and the desire to experience new things. Porn allows us to explore these feelings and curiosities in a safe environment and should not be shunned. Instead, the effect it has on humanity should be inquired and understood. Porn is also a major industry in the US and throughout the world. Porn could possibly get us out of a recession if it became more widely accepted.
Why is porn thought of as bad? Why do people like porn? Have different types of porn always existed? If not, what did people do before porn? How do the majority of people view porn? How has that changed throughout time? Does porn have an economic impact on the US? How much money is spent on porn? Has porn been affected by the recession?
culture of porn
porn in history
cost of porn
porn in economics
mainstream porn
effects of porn
effects ON porn
Dream Act
I chose to write about the Dream Act because its a concern that effects me, maybe it doesn't speciafically apply to me but to many of my loved ones. It's an issue that is extremly overlooked and put aside. I feel very strongly about the Dream Act and I may encounter some problems when looking for opposing views on it because of my emotional attatchment to it. It also is a topic that interests me because of it's logic. To me it makes perfect sense, it's logical. I feel strongly towards the Dream Act but I want to be well informed of it. There still is alot that I do not know about the Dream Act which makes me want to write about it.
What is the Dream Act?Who would be eligible for the dream act? Who would benefit from the DA? Who would see it as a disadvantage? What social impacts would it have on the U.S.? What political impacts would it have on the U.S.? What economic impacts would it have on the U.S.? How is it viewed similar and different from amnesty? Is there still a chance of it being passed? What other acts are similar to this one (ASSET)? How would the Dream Act impact other countries?
-Dream Act
-Financial need of undocumented students
-College bound undocumented students
-Narrowed-How will the Dream Act help undocumented students pursue higher education
-Broadened-Financial help for students
Abstinence vs Comprehension:
I found it very interesting how points of views can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. The argument whether teen sex is right or wrong has caused many conflicts between many people and I think that their is a way to be able to comprehend both sides.
-What exactly is abstinence? -What are the risks of "sex-ed" classes?
-What are the benefits?-Why is it important to know about both sides?-Why do some people think abstinence is too extream?-How has society effected theses points of views?-What effects are caused due to the viewpoint?-How can these viewpoint be compared?-How are parents involved with the choices that their teens make?-How are personal values reflected in both view points?
-Sex-Ed Classes
-Teen Sex
-Sociaty and Sex
-Values of Sex
-Sex in school
-Abstinence values
The Evolution of Censorship in the American Film Industry
What were the first censorship laws? What laws have been added since then? Who does the censoring? What makes these people qualified to censor entertainment? How do they the know what the appropriate amoutn of censorship is? What are the arguments supporting censorship? What are those opposing it? How does censorship effect other parts of society?
-Moral Censorship
-Military Censorship
-Political Censorship
-Religious Censorship
-Coroporate Censorship
legalization of drugs


Breaking down racial barriers in soccer
How did racism affect soccer? How did racial barriers take away from the world of soccer?
Wind energy
I chose this topic because it is something that interests me. It falls in the sciences which is a subject I like. I'm interested in seeing how wind energy can enhance the production of energy in our society.
Is wind energy cheap? Is it effective? Is it practical? What are the environmental effects of wind power? What are the benefits of wind energy? What are the disadvantages of wind energy? What are the effects of wind power as a renewable energy source? What is the role of wind turbines in the production of energy?
-Cost of wind energy
-Wind energy and effectiveness
-wind energy and environment
-wind energy potential
-wind power in the US
I chose to research on business ethics because I am interested in mayoring in business. I want to familirize myself with the movements and decisions that are being taken in the business world. I want to know some of the things CEO's do that either make their business successful or a failure. I know that not every business makes their money the llegal way so I am interested in knowing some of the deep secrets CEO's keep.
How do employers make their decisions? Is there any corruption in the busines world? How many businesses commit fraud? What are the punishments for any illegal crime commited in this industry? How do businesses fail? How do they succeed? Where do businesses get their allies to commit illegal acts? What kind of partnerships do businesses establish? What and how big is the business competition?
-Business corruption
-Illegal acts
-Business partnerships
-Decision making

- What are the social tolls on society regarding assisted suicide?
- What are the monetary tolls of choosing life over euthanasia when suffering?
- What are the arguments for assisted suicide?
- What are the arguments against assisted suicide?
- Given the popularity of arguments involving religion, what are the various views influenced by them?
- Do patients need a concrete reason for requesting suicide? How stringent is the process to qualify?
- How different are the feelings on the euthanasia of humans over those of animals, given that the later of which seems to be on better social standing?
- Should age be a requirement for euthanasia 'qualification', especially regarding infants/children and adolescents?
- Should personal matters such as suicide be regulated by the majority rather than the individual?
- Euthanasia
- Suicide
- Passive euthanasia
- Active euthanasia
- Dysthanasia ("bad death")
-How has supernatural elements in literature changed over the years?
-How has it changed in entertainment?
-Why is the population so entrigued with the supernatural?
-Why is there so many versions of one story?
-How did some of these stories originate?
-Can these stories have a certain origin?
-Can they ever actual be true?
-What role does supernatural books and movies play on society?
-What is its outcome?
-Urban Legends
Life of single working mother vs. life of welfare supported single mother
- I chose this subject because I see this situation almost everyday, and it's something that interests me. I want to learn how the economy is affecting each class of single mothers. I also want to learn about the luxaries each class of single mothers is able to have. (cars,clothes,etc.)
  • What role does welfare play on society?
  • How often are needy single mothers rejected to recieve Welfare?
  • What are the statistics on welfare reciepients?
  • What are the standards to recieve welfare?
  • Do the levels of stress, or depression between each class of single mothers differ a lot?
  • How long are people allowed to recieve welfare?
  • Single mothers
  • Welfare mothers
  • Working class mothers
  • Working class single mothers vs. welfare single mothers
  • Sinlge mothers struggle
Foster care
Summery is in
  • Foster care
  • adopting
  • American orphanages
  • psychological effects of Foster care
  • Psychological effects of adoption
  • foster care in different countries
  • current issues
* Foster care

  • statistics of foster care
  • current issues
  • adoption
  • families in foster care
  • orphanages
  • psychological effects of orphans
  • adopting foreign children vs. adopting “local” children