i-dream act
-comparing importance of genocides based on country
-how beauty competition

s at a young age affect females
-Child soldiers
-the reasoning behind denying the Holocaust
-how housewifes view working women and vice versa
-Nonverbal communication men vs. women
-The effects of the porn industry on children
-how much and in what ways does different sex conditions affect a persons life
-Statutory rape, does it favor girls over guys
-effects of bipolar people in their everyday life
-the causes of low income children becoming discouraged from school
-relevance or irrelevance of religion in todays society
-having blind faith vs. no faith at all
-religion vs. atheism
-assisted suicide

Showalter, E. (2003). Representing Ophelia: Women, Madness, and the Responsibilities of Feminist Criticism. In EXPLORING Shakespeare. Detroit: Gale. Retrieved from http://ic.galegroup.com:80/ic/suic/ReferenceDetailsPage/ReferenceDetailsWindow?displayGroupName=Reference&prodId=SUIC&action=2&catId=&documentId=GALE%7CEJ2115515812&userGroupName=adamschs&jsid=dfd430190a239ea3807b21f903394511

Response to “Representing Ophelia: Women, Madness, and the Responsibilities of Feminist Criticism”
Because Hamlet is a play, the way it is set, directed, and acted can reveal much about Ophelia. As Ophelia’s wardrobe and acting vary so do the messages about femininity and sexuality.
As Ophelia’s garments change so does her sexuality and femininity. She is often portrayed in white. [Ophelia’s virginal and vacant white is contrasted with Hamlet's scholar's garb, his "suits of solemn black.”] When Ophelia is dressed in white she is portraying a pure and virginal young lady while it is contrasted with Hamlet’s darnhk and depressing garments. In other cases like when Harriet Smithson portrayed Ophelia her sexuality is made to be more alluring and mysterious. “In the mad scene she entered in a long black veil, suggesting the standard imagery of female sexual mystery in the gothic novel, with scattered bedlamish wisps of straw in her hair”. With her change of costume from white to black, Ophelia’s sexuality goes from virginal and pure to alluring and mysterious.
Different actresses have different methods to express Ophelia’s madness and sexuality. It has been noted that the best actresses playing the part of Ophelia have been the ones that have had difficulties in love. Susan Mountfort, who had gone mad after being betrayed by her lover, escaped from her keeper and entered the theater just in time to act out the mad scene. While others like Mrs. Lessingham played the part of Ophelia in a softer and decorous manner, so much that even in her mad scene she acted it out with dignity.
Hamlet heavily depends on the wardrobe as well as the actor’s interpretation of the work thus resulting in variations of Ophelia’s sexuality and femininity.

Word count-289

Interview with Luis Salazar

how do research papers differ in college from those in high school?

how many sources do you generally use for a paper?

What type of sources do you use most frequently?

what fromat is used most to site?

usually how long are they?

what are tips for avoiding unintentional plagerism?

1.) In high school, they tell you to put thesis, reasons then support for a while, and then the conclusion. In college, you decide how you want to structure your paper depending on the length. They told me that if I am making an argument, I should hold do my research first AND THEN come up with a thesis. For example, I did a 15 page research paper on dams and hydroelectricity. At first I thought dams and hydropower were a great source of renewable energy. They told me to FIRST research and THEN come up with a conclusion. In the end, I learned that they are not the best source. That's just an example. In college, you decide how you want to structure your paper and what to put in it. However, you do need to defend your arguments using reasonable and credible evidence. In other words, you have to sound convincing at a more professional level.

2.) Teachers of professors will usually tell you the least amount of sources to use on your paper. (mine needed at least 7...I used 14. jeje) You use as many sources as you need to make a convincing argument.

3.) You use any source you can...the teachers would tell what and what NOT to use (I couldn't use Wikipedia. jeje) You want sources that are credible and that actually sound professional. Many of those sources will be books written on that particular topic. I also use encyclopedias.

4.) Every teacher likes a different format. Use the one they recommend or they ask you to use (I had to use footnotes). Otherwise, use the one you're most comfortable with or the one you feel like organizes your work the best.

5.) The teacher/professor will give you a limit as to how many pages you are allowed to write. Typically, you should only use as many pages as you need to make a convincing argument but not too many. Otherwise, your paper gets a bit boring.

6.) To avoid plagarism, make sure you use quotation marks and that you properly cite the source you used if you cite DIRECTLY from the source. Otherwise, take the main idea of the source and put it in your own words. You just have to make sure the paper sounds like YOU. Anything that is not of your own words, type it in quotations and cite it.

From my interview with Luis I learned about research papers in college.Going from high school to college research papers the main defferences are the research and the format. In college you should do your research before forming a thesis statement. Also in high school the format is very planned out while in college the students choose how to format it. The sources are pretty much the same as in high school, the teacher or professor tells you the minimum and you use however many you need to back up your argument. Sources will come more from books in college because they are more reliable. Which isn't too much of my liking. The professor will usually tell us what format they want us to cite the sources. For the length it should be not too short or not too long, enough to get your ideas across without getting boring. By citing sources properly and paraphrasing the information I will be able to avoid plagerism.


This article is the opposing view on my opinion on the dream act. It states that there are two main reasons why it should'nt be passed, political and economic impact. It's comparing the Dream Act to full amnisty, in the sense that by passing the dream act it would only incourage more illegal immagrants to move to the U.S. The author of this article believes that this would cause scarcity in resources due to overpopulation. This article states that the U.S. would become corrupt like the thrid world countries that illegal immigrants have left behind. This article was very biassed and sterotyped illegal immigrants.

This article shares my viewpoint. It foucuses on the actual Dream Act as well as the Dreamers. It starts off with appealing to the readers emotion by making it more personal. Then it moves into a description of the Dream Act. The requierements are:Have been brought to the U.S. before the age of 16, lived in the U.S. for at least five years, good moral character, have been admitted to college or earned a high school diploma and serve two years in the military or complete two years of college. It also states that it was first introduced in 2001 but has yet to be passed. The next part refers to the Dreamers. This part talks about the students aspiration and dreams.

Nassaar, Christopher. "Wilde's The importance of Being Earnest." The Explicator 60.2 (2002): 78+. Gale Student Resources In Context. Web. 23 Feb. 2011.
Document URL
http://ic.galegroup.com:80/ic/suic/AcademicJournalsDetailsPage/AcademicJournalsDetailsWindow?displayGroupName=Journals&prodId=SUIC&action=2&catId=&documentId=GALE%7CA85068307&userGroupName=adamschs&jsid=82772d959c8d4e1546e3a89ac6e77fdcIn the article “Wilde's the importance of Being Earnest”, Christopher Nassaar exposes an underlining concept in Oscar Wilde’s works. A theme that we often overlook is child abuse. In several of his works, the abuse takes up not much of the plot but has an immense impact on the events of the piece. In “The Picture of Dorian Gray” the “child” being abused is Dorian, the abuser is his grandfather and the methods are violence and neglect. Nassaar states in his article “Rashkin argues that Dorian's antisocial behavior stems from a childhood of violence and neglect and that Lord Henry Wotton is a secondary influence.” In a different story Salome is the victim, her uncle and mother, and the methods are lust, incest and murder. The result of this is her trying to overtake the kingdom. The difference between the child abuse in these novels opposed to the child abuse in “The Importance of Being Earnest” is the approach and execution. In Wilde’s earlier works I noticed that it’s more serious, the impact is mainly negative. In “The Importance of Being Earnest” Wilde has decided to make light of the situation. Jack, an infant, is left in a handbag at Victorian Station, this is something that would be taken very seriously but due to Wilde’s nature in this specific book he manages to make it humorous and almost ok. Through Wilde’s trajectory of writing he embeds a subtle theme of child abuse: in some its serious and in others its humorous.word count 251


HAYDEN, MARY C. "International Baccalaureate Diploma." Encyclopedia of Education. Ed. James W. Guthrie. 2nd ed. Vol. 4. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2002. 1238-1241. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 4 Mar. 2011.
Document URL
http://ic.galegroup.com:80/ic/ovic/ReferenceDetailsPage/ReferenceDetailsWindow?displayGroupName=Reference&prodId=OVIC&action=2&catId=&documentId=GALE%7CCX3403200327&userGroupName=adamschs&jsid=a284d7abc32e0e3b49c7ef62477ac903I thought this article would be about the cons of the IB program but it was more just about what the IB program consists of. It started off by giving a little history lesson about IB. Then it continues to talk about the four characteristics of the IB program,breadth,depth,coherence and internationalism. It also explains certain things students must do in order to complete the diploma program. The last part of the article was supposed to be about issues of the future. By the title I thought it would pertain to controversies but it was just obstacles that the IB program will need to face in the future. One of the possible obstacles would be how many languages should be used as a base for it to be really international.Lewin, Tamar. "World Focus Is Gaining Favor in High Schools." New York Times 3 July 2010: A1(L). Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 4 Mar. 2011.
Document URLhttp://ic.galegroup.com:80/ic/ovic/NewsDetailsPage/NewsDetailsWindow?displayGroupName=News&prodId=OVIC&action=2&catId=&documentId=GALE%7CA230465256&userGroupName=adamschs&jsid=af9ec3b7b07f3f0f43ce04635bf9592cthis aThis article had a bit of both the pros and cons of the IB program. It started off by introducing what the IB program is and a little about how it works. It went into a few statistics about how many high schools have this program. Then it talked about the pros. Among these were: academic preperation, rigor, and an opening of eyes to the rest of the world. With this was postiitve experiences from IB graduates. After a few positvie quotes, it moved on to the negative. Among these were: the cost, anti-american theories, and percentages of IB vs. AP. It also gave information about IB in low income districts. So eventhough this article had both for and agaisnt IB it was more directed towars for.

By reading these two articles I was able to learn statistics as well information I didn't know about the IB program. The thing that surprised me the most was finding out that out of 700 American high schools that offer the IB program more than 90 percent of them are public schools(The New York Times). I thought that it would be mainly in private schools because of how expensive it is. One main concern about IB skeptics is the effectiveness of it. According to The New York Times the IB program is not as effective as the AP program. This has to do with end results. [''We have 337 kids, and 80 of them take at least one of our 16 A.P. classes,'' said John Eppolito, a parent who opposes the planned introduction of the I.B. in Incline Village, Nev. ''If we switched to the I.B., the district estimates that 15 kids would get a I.B. diploma in two years.''] This is being based on the statistics. I was able to learn more from the New York Times article because it was easier for me to understand. The one thing i did learn from thImportance of Academic Research Paperse Encyclopedia of Education article was that the four main characteristics of the program are breadth, depth, coherence and internationalism.

Importance of Academic Research Papers

So you are finally in a position to write an academic research paper. Your time has finally arrived and you have been allotted the topics of your research by your teachers. So don’t fret over writing a research paper but rather be happy for the unknown advantages of this research paper in your life.
So you have been complaining about your long hours being devoted to these research papers while all your other friends are hanging out. But still you are better off since you are adding an asset to yourself while your friends are just wasting their two important assets of life which is in the form of money and time. Your hard work will definitely reap fruits in the future. So carry a positive approach for carrying out the research for writing an academic research paper.
Every student at some point complains of this lethargic life for working on the research papers. It is the nature of human psychology to behave in this manner. You have to realize the positive aspect of writing. Only then you will be able to succeed with your task.
The research paper done well can actually help you in building your career. This academic research paper is actually compulsory in your high school to judge your capabilities and hard work on the basis of which they grant the grades. The grading system helps us to distinguish between the toppers and the average. So will you like to be considered as an average student in your class when you have the potential to be in the higher strata of the class. This will enable to go to a higher class. So this is the basis of awarding marks to the students.
The academic research papers also test your writing skills. It is the assembly of data from various sources and how do you present it in the form of the writing. This will help you to improve upon your writing skills thereby improving your vocabulary. It will also help you to get faster and efficient in reading and picking up the matter more quickly. It will also judge your grasping power and make you feel comfortable in writing. It will help you further to make your presentations and reports in your career and you will not face any kind of problems. All thanks to academic research papers. Here you will come across thousands of new words in different matter you read from different sources. So you can well imagine how the research paper can actually help you.
Moreover you will head towards learning new things and concepts which you were unaware of. This will add to your knowledge thus making you wiser and a learned person. So it will also enhance the component of curiosity in you to learn more new facts and figures regarding the subject and this will overcome all your laziness.
So be confident in your work and clarify your doubts rather than going wrong about it. So enjoy writing and wish you score good grades and aim towards A+.

Importance of Research Paper

Understanding the importance of research papers

Those students who decide to invest their precious time and energy in preparing research based projects would be able to know the importance of research paper, later, as they enter into the professional career phase of their lives. Hence, it is advisable to utilize the knowledge gained by the students during their academic career, while writing their term papers. It would certainly help them in getting better grades and career options, as well.
  • It helps academically

While essay writing exercise starts from the junior school level, research papers are written by the high school students to display their critical thinking capabilities. It also helps tutors to develop analytical abilities in the students, as they describe the topic of their choice. Initially, the choice of the essay subject is left to the students, as tutors want to bring out the best in the students, which could come, while writing on their favorite topics. Here, students would have their first encounter in the direction of understanding the importance of research papers in their academic career. However, they should remember that they must start research exercise on the topics that are well-known to them, as writing on such issues would always prove fun and morale-booster for them. In addition, high school students can learn the use of imaginative skills, while they write on their chosen topics. For example, students may write on an early child hood experience which involves natural environment of a certain place. Accordingly, students could include certain valuable information and data about the particular place, in their paper. This would involve research, for collecting the facts from external sources. Students would then need discussing these facts in their paper, while they summarize the same in its concluding part.
  • It helps kick-starting your career

As the job competition gets tougher, with every passing day, employers think of innovative ways to shortlist candidates for a particular job. However, it is an established fact that every employee can contribute gainfully to the fortunes of any organization, if he or she has the correct communication and observing skills. This process reveals the importance of research paper, as employers use them as a tool, to assess students, for this purpose. This would provide an insight into the writing skills of the students, while knowing about their organizational ability to compose a research paper in an effective manner. Therefore, students realize the importance of research papers, at this stage. However, keeping this in view, they should prepare their academic papers, in the best possible professional and logical manner, from the beginning itself, while they are attending their high school and college level study programs. In the process, they would learn using their analytical and organizational abilities, necessary to tackle difficult business challenges, as they move higher in their professional career.
Keeping the above in view, it is advisable that students take professional help in preparing their academic term papers. Our expert writers are fully aware about the importance of research papers and accordingly, they can make excellent research documents, which are topic-specific as well.


The Importance of Research Paper

Understanding the importance of research papers

Most students treat their research paper assignments with contempt. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that research paper projects are among the most beneficial assignments for them. Understanding the importance of research papers and the worth of the effort you put into research projects will make you appreciate them and enjoy your efforts.

The objective of research paper assignments

Students are made to handle research paper assignments as early as middle school level. It is also among the most regular assignments given out to students who are in higher levels of education. It is not so without a reason. Research paper assignments help students in many ways. Only by knowing the importance of research paper projects, will you be able to benefit from research projects.
Research paper projects help students:
• To acquire in-depth knowledge of the subjects they are studying. In the absence of assignments which force students to prove their knowledge of the subject area, it is quite possible that students complete their education without gaining thorough knowledge of their subjects. Research papers give students a reason to pursue their subjects into deeper realms.
• To identify their strengths and shortcomings and to learn to deal with their weaknesses. Many students are unaware of their strengths and weak points. But when it comes to research papers, they are not left with much of a choice but to seek their strengths and face their shortcomings.
• To master the sill of writing. Writing skills are useful during all stages of life. But, unfortunately, not all are born with it. It has been observed that students neglect their written language, very often, as they don’t understand its significance. But when it comes to research paper writing projects, they have to learn to use words skillfully, in order to present their theory. This gives them a chance to learn how to write effectively and impressively.
• To develop independent research skills. Research based assignments require an in-depth study of the topic which cannot be done without help from external sources. While handling research projects, students learn how and where to look for specific information on topics. They also get to find out how to use the knowledge, thus gained, to their advantage.
The importance of research paper assignments do not end there. Research assignments also teach students how to manage time effectively and organize themselves and their work. It is impossible to list out all the advantages of research projects in a small space. But instead of neglecting your research assignments, you must try to make the best out of it.
Understanding the importance of research papers is the first step to learning how to handle them. If you need any kind of help with your research projects, we can assist you. We offer help with term paper formats, editing, proofreading and outlines for research papers. You can also get one of our professional academic writers to prepare a custom research paper for you as per your specifications. You may also check out our samples section where you will find some excellent examples of APA format papers and sample expository essays.


While reading these articles I discovered how the excruciatingly painful deed of writing research papers pays off. Two out of the three articles expressed that knowing how to write research papers can help us as students as well as contributing members of society. The third one focused more on just school wise. Academic wise, writing research papers helps with analytical skills, writing skills, and discovering our strengths and weaknesses. When the third article stated: “In the absence of assignments which force students to prove their knowledge of the subject area, it is quite possible that students complete their education without gaining thorough knowledge of their subjects. Research papers give students a reason to pursue their subjects into deeper realms” it was saying that research papers take the place of assignments that would make us analyze our subject of area. The third article also implied that writing research papers forces one to work on writing technique in order to get a point across. Research papers are dreadful to students because they make us discover our weaknesses when it comes to writing but we cannot just put these aside, we have to deal with them in order to complete a well written paper. Research papers also help in the working community. This is because of the selection process as well as the reaching process. In the first article it points out the obvious: in order to get a decent job you have to do well in school. The second article focuses more on how the people who are hiring try to think of new ways to weed out people. By having research skills it can only improve the chances of getting the job.

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